Venture Capital Lingo: How Many of These Terms Do You Recognize?

Even if you work in business or finances, you can’t say you know anything about Venture Capital until you Ace this quiz.

Test your knowledge of VC terminology to see if you’re a true shark!

  • What Is a Unicorn?

    • A company valued at over $1 Billion
    • A mythical creature
    • A unique business idea
  • What Does IPO Stand For?

    • International Public Offering
    • Initial Public Offering
    • Initial Private Offering
    • Investment Possibility Opening
  • What Is A Pitch Deck?

    • A deck of index cards you use in your presentation to investors
    • A short business presentation, demonstrating your value proposition to Venture Capitalists
    • The area of a sailboat that is waterproofed with pitch.
    • An extension made to a home, which allows you enjoy the view of your backyard and sip cold beverages.
  • What Is an Angel?

    • A supernatural being that resembles a human with wings
    • An independently wealthy individual who invests their own money into startup companies, usually as part of a broader investment strategy.
    • A Venture Capitalist who offers to buy out your business
  • What Is an Accelerator?

    • A program that aims to accelerate the growth of startup companies through mentorship, brokering connections, and providing services and infrastructure
    • A part of a vehicle that causes it to move forward, often referred to as a gas pedal.
    • An injection of capital into a startup or small business that helps them accelerate their growth.

Written by Michael Edgar

Michael is a B2B Sales Executive and Lead Generation Specialist from Bentonville, Arkansas. At SalesBuddy, he strategizes with small businesses to get them more leads, increase their sales, and score more contracts.

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