5 Reasons You Need Dash Cams for Your Fleet

5 Reasons You Need Dash Cams for Your Fleet

In recent years, dash cameras have sky-rocketed in popularity, helping millions of Americans to protect themselves on the road and to produce valuable evidence in the case of an accident. However, dash cams aren’t just for the general public; they’re extremely useful tools that can increase the safety and profitability of commercial fleets, too. 

Below, we list the top 5 reasons why you need to put dash cams in your fleet—right now. 

1. Reduce Operating Costs

Due to rising gas prices, running your vehicles when you don’t need to can be costly in the long run. Idling in parking spots and taking longer routes than needed can add up, especially when you multiply these factors by the hundreds or even thousands of vehicles in a commercial fleet. 

Fuel costs are not the only expenses that increase as your vehicles spend time out on the road. Maintenance and repair costs also go up as you accumulate wear and tear on your fleet. By tracking the speed, location, and activity of your fleet, you can make sure that you’re not seriously reducing the life of your vehicles’ engine and tires.  

2. Protect Your Drivers and Save Lives

No matter how great your fleet safety program may be, ensuring that drivers actually follow the rules while on the road remains an extremely difficult task. With a live streaming dash camera on your fleet vehicle, you can hold your drivers accountable and monitor their behavior. 

Unknown to many fleet managers, drivers often partake in dangerous habits like eating, texting, and even watching movies while behind the wheel. When you have an eye inside the cabin at all times, you have the chance to correct these types of behaviors before they result in an injurious or fatal crash. 

3. Lower Insurance Costs

Insurance companies promote the use of fleet dash cameras because they have done their research. Some companies are such big believers in dash cams that they’ll even subsidize the cost for you. Even if your insurance doesn’t agree to pay for you to install dash cams in your fleet, you can expect your monthly premiums to drop substantially. 

Insurance providers are willing to reduce rates because they know that fleets that use dash cameras are involved in fewer accidents and participate in safer driving behaviors than those that don’t. Dash camera footage can also serve as evidence in the case of a fender bender or collision. 

4. Protect Yourself in the Case of a Lawsuit

If one of your employees gets involved in a fatal or injurious crash with another driver, you can expect courts to seek the largest sum possible to compensate the other party’s losses. In some cases, fleets have been sued for amounts as large as $5 million based upon verbal testimony. If there’s one thing that dash cameras have in their favor, it’s that video doesn’t lie. Any false claims against your driver or your company can be easily disproved with the help of dash cam evidence, potentially saving you millions. 

5. Avoid Delayed Shipments and Setbacks

Even if your insurance were to fully cover the immediate costs of an accident, the hidden costs of a collision, such as delays and setbacks, are still too great to measure. In serious cases, important merchandise may even become damaged or destroyed. This can have a huge impact on customer satisfaction, leading to less business and contracts not getting signed the following year. 

Still Not Convinced about Fleet Vehicle Camera Systems?

At Safety Track, we know that seeing is believing. That’s why we developed the first live fleet tracking system in the US that uses 360-degree dash cameras, GPS, and G-force sensors. With a live view inside and outside the cab, you can “ride along” with your drivers anytime from the comfort of your office. Our system is also equipped with 4G connectivity from all 3 major carriers in the US. 

Want a safer, more profitable fleet? Check out our page to learn more about how our live dash cams can help you do just that. 

Written by Michael Edgar

Michael is a B2B Sales Executive and Lead Generation Specialist from Bentonville, Arkansas. At SalesBuddy, he strategizes with small businesses to get them more leads, increase their sales, and score more contracts.

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