Fleet Management: What to Expect in 2019

Driver Shortages

Just like we saw last year, driver shortages are expected to worsen in 2019. In order to attract new drivers, many transportation companies are experimenting with other types of incentives beyond the typical sign-on bonus, such as safety bonuses, longevity bonuses, and mileage bonuses. We predict that other performance-based incentives will increase in popularity as fleets compete with one another to attract and maintain top talent. 

Increased Recruitment & Retention Efforts

In addition to attracting new drivers, one of the greatest challenges for fleet managers is keeping them. More resources than ever will be invested in employee retention in 2019, in an effort to reduce turnover rates and training costs. 

Management techniques will also have to change to adapt to the new generation of drivers. Younger drivers expect constant communication and transparency from management, meaning that fleets will have to implement new systems to stay in touch and provide feedback. 

Long Lead Times

Used Truck Uncertainty

Electric Truck Development

Written by Michael Edgar

Michael is a B2B Sales Executive and Lead Generation Specialist from Bentonville, Arkansas. At SalesBuddy, he strategizes with small businesses to get them more leads, increase their sales, and score more contracts.

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